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Working with site files

The Site is a resource that can contain or directly contains files, information, photographs and video being the subject matter of copyright. You have no right to pass, sell, publish, move, reproduce, or develop modified or redone works or use the Site content in any similar way, in part or in whole. Exclusion applies to cases when such permission is clearly and definitely stated in this document or License Agreement.

User registration. User account

To use certain Bmgstock services or certain specific functions of services, You will complete registration to create a unique User account.

Upon registration You will provide valid and complete information requested in the registration form and will regularly update such information. If You provide invalid information or Bmgstock has reasons to believe that any information provided by You is incomplete or invalid, Bmgstock may at its discretion block or delete Your account or deny the use of any services for You. 

Any personal information contained in the User account shall be stored and processed by Bmgstock according to Privacy Policy.

The User shall be responsible for security of the chosen means of access to his/her account and for confidentiality of such means. The User shall be responsible for any actions (and their consequences) in and with Bmgstock services through the User’s account including voluntary transfer by the User of information required to access the User account to third parties on any conditions (including by contracts or agreements). Any actions in or with Bmgsock services performed through the User’s account shall be considered done by the User, except for the cases when the User notifies Bmgsock of unauthorized access to Bmgsock services through the User’s account and/or any other breach (alleged breach) of confidentiality of the chosen means of access to his/her account.

Links to third party sites 

Bmgstock services may content links to other websites (third party websites). Such third parties and their content are not verified by Bmgstock for compliance with any requirements (validity, completeness, accuracy, etc.). Bmgstock shall not be responsible for any information or materials posted at third party websites that the User may access through the services including any opinions or statements at third party websites, advertising, etc. as well as availability of such websites or content and consequences of their use by the User. 

No Guarantees, Limitation of Liability

Bmgstock does not guarantee that services comply/will comply with Your requirements and expectations; that services will be provided without interruptions, promptly, sustainably and without errors. You confirm that understand and accept responsibility and assume all risk resulting from use of this Site, without limitations.

Bmgstock, its employees, management and partners are not responsible for failures of any kind or shutdown of the Site resulting in loss of business information, profit or other financial losses in connection with claims of any kind, losses, petitions, actions or other events arising out of this Terms of Use.

General provisions

You confirm that, in addition to the terms of this Agreement, You have familiarized with the other documents from «Information» section of this Site, and agree with the restrictions which they impose.

Absence of a result of actions performed by Bmgstock for organization or control of accurate implementation of the provisions of this or affiliated agreements shall not and cannot be construed as waiver of any rights or provisions.

Date of publication: 24.11.2015